2 Oct 2013

Notice to members regarding upcoming course renovations

Course renovations
As all are aware course renovations commence this month on the 21st .  Our superintendent Max Laverty has taken considerable time to ponder our best approach with regard to improving the greens surfaces to eliminate the common couch encroachment in to the 328 greens grass.  With consultation with other local course superintendents, Max is trialling a different method to combat the issue.  The following should be noted.
Areas of all greens surfaces will be carefully spot sprayed with Glysopate for complete kill of both 328 and common couch to affected areas.
  • These areas will be then treated on an individual  hole basis – with replacement corings spread to repair areas.
  • The greens will become unsightly over the next two weeks as the grass kill commences, but they should continue to play OK.
  • In preparation to the Renovations, a dethatching program (grooming) will be commenced on greens next week.  
  • There should be little disruption to play with this program, prior to renos but recovery post renovations will be slower.
  • Unfortunately the greens may not be visually at their very best for the Memorial Day, whist still playable.  The start of the growing season is the best time for this work and should be considered moving forward for important events. 

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