18 Sep 2013


4BBB Score Card EntryThere seems to be some misunderstanding when playing a 4BBB on how to fill in the new score cards. Let me try and clarify it for you if I can.
When entering the players’ names in the timesheet, members should be aware that the players in cell 1 and 2 are partners and players in cell 3 and 4 are partners. If there is only 3 players in the group then the lowest handicapped player in the group is the swinger and should be in cell 1, the other two players should be in cell 2 and 3. (Not 3 and 4 as previously posted)
When members register for golf in the pro shop they pick up their respective card. On the golf course members fill in the card as per normal but if your partner holes out then you score a “P” on the card and vice versa. There is no need to putt out as players are playing a 4BBB event. It does not matter if both players share the same score on the hole the system will combine the one score for the result.
Handicapping – players will be handicapped on a 4BBB event as per the rules of handicapping on 4BBB events set by Golf Australia.

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